Automation Products

Auto TIG/MIG Welding SPM

  • Butt joint
  • Fillet joint
  • Cladding – Inner/Outer/Base/Cross bore
  • Long seam
  • Circular seam

We have a team of expert designers with specialization on

  • Welding Fixtures
  • Special Purpose machines for welding , drilling , handling etc
  • Robotic Cells (Complete integrated solutions with any Robot and Power source)
  • Gantry Systems for Material Handling or Welding.
  • Conveyor Systems.

Send us the following details

  • Part Drawings
  • Photos
  • Production required per day or per shift or Cycle time expected
  • Reason for Choosing Automation : Increase Productivity, Consistancy in Quality or Reduction of Cost
  • We can arrange for a visit of our engineer to discuss you specific requirements send us an email on or

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