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The cold wire TIG system feeds welding filler material at desired speed with continous or pulsed feeding helps in increase productivity of welder, reduces stoppage, grinding needs and welder fatigue.


Supply Voltage 1 φ, 230V Ac=C 50 Hz
Weight 17 kg
Filler wire spool size 12" (30.3cm)
Filler wire size 0.035"(0.9mm),0.045"(1.1mm),0.062"(1.6mm)
Wire feed speed Range 0-125cm
Feed time Variable
Dwell time(pulsed mode) Variable
Delay start Time Variable
Wire retract time Variable

Benefits :

  • Automates adding filler metal in TIG welding
  • Dual Groove Drive Roll system accepts multiple wire size
  • Eliminates TIG rod stub loss
  • Cabinet keep filler wire clean
  • Makes fully automatic TIG welding possible
  • Result are consistent and high quality welds

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