About SigmaWeld

Electronics Devices as a leading manufacturer of inverters based machinery since 1974. We are brand leaders in Induction Cap Sealing, & Induction Heating Machines and also manufacture Die-electric Pre-Heaters & SigmaWeld Welding Inverters.

Electronics Devices design team has been introducing indigenous,innovative and customized solutions in power electronics. Sigma Weld series of welding inverters are reliable, superior one-of-its-kind fully indigenous micro-controller based multi-purpose welding inverters. We understand the pulse of the Indian metal working industry and our developed products are tailor made to meet the industry’s requirements. Migrating from welding Transformers and Rectifiers to SigmaWeld Welding Inverters results in electricity bill saving upto 70% and 40% respectively.

Welding technology has come a long way from the Transformer based AC welding machines to Uncontrolled D.C welding rectifiers to Controlled D.C. rectifiers to Chopper based Rectifiers to Welding Inverters.

In today’s world of cutting edge technologies we have realized the need for the future generation to learn and implement the technology that is environment friendly, operator independent, reliable and can give repeatable quality of welding.

Sigma Weld models are sophisticated IGBT based welding inverters which offer total digital control required for finer welding in Manual Arc Welding (MMA), Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (TIG), High Frequency TIG Welding (HFTIG), Pulse TIG Welding and Metal Inert Gas Welding (MIG).

SigmaWeld Welding Inverters are 100% indigenously designed, developed and manufactured by our own R&D team. Even PCBs are developed, designed and Manufactured in-house. This ensures, we are able to provide prompt after sales service as well as immediate supply of spares including PCBs as may be required.